My passion is people.




  • if we don’t make time and space for our dreams and desires life will do it for us. We are the designers of our destiny.

  • that knowledge is power and that it is must be shared.

  • that every human has unleashed potential begging to break free.

  • in creating beauty. In your home. In you personal style and in your heart.

  • that every action should be deliberate and intentional with an open heart and open mind.

  • to never waste a crisis.

  • on the other side of risk is freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from the box you’ve decided to comfortably stay in and freedom to step into your truth one risk at a time.

  • we need relationship to grow. Partnership to stretch, diversify and discover new perspectives and defer judgements.

  • in doing what you love, and by doing what you love, you give others permission to do the same.

  • love is the answer for all things. Yes, I believe it is that simple.

*This is a living document. It will continue to grow as long as I go forth following my dreams. 


 How I can help.

As an Executive & Life Strategies Coach, my area of expertise lies in supporting entrepreneurs, women in leadership, creatives of all kinds and those going through major life & career challenges. We begin with a rich discovery, co-create a high-touch strategy and move you closer to your goals and desires.

We work in a modern economy where leaders not only have to do more with less, but they have to master the creative process towards innovation. I’m here to flip old thinking, patterns and archaic behaviors on its ass. We tend to adjust our behavior to fit the story we tell our selves.
What story are you telling?

My coaching helps you create work-life integration, develop leadership presence & navigate change with grace, creatively problem-solve that leads to innovation, master communication, uncover gaps and learn to tell Your Story!

One on ONE

I will will meet you where you are; literally. If you like to hike, we will coach out on the trail. More of a homebody, we can Skype or hop on the phone. Traditional, we can meet in person. I believe that when you are in your element we can do more.


foursight thinking profile- Tools & Process

Humans are natural innovators. Every day we solve new problems, meet new challenges and pursue new opportunities. To do that, we tap into our creativity, our own unique blend of vision and curiosity, realism, and imagination, analysis and action. Creativity is a critical 21st century skill. FourSight is a scalable system that can be implemented throughout your company.
3 hr - Mindset Workshop
Full Day - Toolset Workshop
Expand the Cognitive Diversity within your organization.

womens workshops

Vision Planning, Retreat- Retreat Hostess, “A Seat at the Table Dinner Parties , Life Purpose, Finding Your Why, Quieting the Inner Critic (saboteur), Mastering Doubt & Imposter Syndrome. Love your Past-Fuel your Future. Not what you’re looking for? Let’s customize what you desire.

organizational development

Todays organizations perform in rapidly changing environments. One of the most important resources for an organization is the ability to adapt and manage change. Let’s work together to analyze your business with “outsider eyes” to build a successful framework toward growth and (lets be honest) more cash flow. With 15 + years in the corporate playing field I can assist in a range of ways from team development, creative problem solving, strategic planning, change management or simply coaching you through your challenges. Learn to lead with INTENTION!


Take the risk or lose the chance.



I hail from the Heartland of America. A little state named Kansas. I was raised in a small oil town of about 5000 humans. If we’re counting cows, horses and dogs; population roughly 89,000. My love for being outside in nature, sleeping under the stars, and hanging with people with the same mindset as me, I eventually moved out to the Pacific Northwest (after begging my company for a transfer).

In my early 20’s I was fortunate enough to end up in the Beauty Industry with a diverse mix of all the massively creative weirdos. I had FOUND MY PEOPLE!

I worked with an incredible mentor at my first “real job”, moved on to open my own business and quench my entrepreneurial thirst. Years later I found myself wanting another challenge, so I went into corporate America working for Aveda Inc./Estee Lauder. I had the amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, I crushed sales, exceeded benchmarks and was surrounded by the smartest people in the room. Estee Lauder leadership and development strategies were readily available and I devoured as much of it as I possibly could. I had a boss who always encouraged, pushed harder and fed my need to always learn. Being a natural leader (bossy was what I was told as a little girl), I was asked to coach and mentor others, which eventually led me to having a team of my own to lead, nurture and push them to be their best.

This was the beginning of identifying MY PURPOSE. I loved nothing more than seeing peoples turn-on. That sparkle in their eyes when they felt seen or heard, empowered to work the way that best suited them and responding to my gentle nudge asking to take a little more risk. I eventually knew that I wanted this on an even larger scale.

Today I find myself full circle back to being an entrepreneur, where it all began. I love working closely with people and I would love to work with you or your organization. Heres to living more present and having more FUN in your life. Adventure on!